Executive, Officers, Stewards, and Committees

This is your 2020 executive board…

President: vacant
Vice President:  Andrea Brown
Secretary-Treasurer: Joanne Gunderson
Recording Secretary: Greg Beebe
Unit Vice Presidents:
     City of Courtenay – vacant
     Town of Comox – Angela Powell
     Village of Cumberland – Ashley Hawker
     Comox Valley Regional District – Bonnie Kozlowski
     Union Bay Improvement District – vacant
     Hornby Island Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association – vacant


The Deputy Unit Vice Presidents:
     City of Courtenay – Terri Cox
     Town of Comox – Kyle Jorgensen
     Comox Valley Regional District – Marie Lapp
     Village of Cumberland – Andrea Samsom
Education Coordinator: Heather Follis
Trustees: Doug Pollard, 
Sergeant-at-Arms: Eleni Hibberd, Don Robson

     Social Committee: Andrea Brown
     Election Committee: 
     Special Committees:
          1) Bylaw Review Committee (as of Feb 26/19): Andrea Brown, Joanne Gunderson, Greg Beebe, Kevin McPhedran, Heather Follis, Sam Greene