What is CUPE?
CUPE is the largest labour union in B.C. and in Canada. We represent workers in municipalities, education, libraries, universities, colleges, social services, health care, public utilities, transportation, emergency services and airlines and around 630,000 members across Canada. Here is a link that explains more about CUPE.

How can I get Involved?

How can I get news about CUPE local 556?
The website is a good start. We also have a facebook page that is updated frequently.

What if I have a work-related question or concern?
Hopefully you can find an answer to your question somewhere on this website or in the Collective Agreement but if you still need help, our shop stewards are there to answer any questions and to help deal with any work-related issues you may have. You can find your shop steward in the executive, steward, and committees list.

Where can I get a copy of our Collective Agreement?
The Collective Agreement is on this website.

Are there any other documents other than our Collective Agreement?
Yes, there are our local bylaws and the CUPE Constitution.

Where do I find my seniority list?

Member Services…What we do
Negotiate collective agreement and assist in workplace matters/issues