Joint Job Evaluation Plan

In 1999, CUPE and the Comox Valley Regional District, through a joint job evaluation project, have developed and implemented a sustainable joint job evaluation plan using the principles of Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value.
The Job Evaluation Plan has been designed as one of several systems of comparison for the purpose of arriving at a fair internal pay hierarchy by establishing equivalency and relationships between different types of work.

Union JJE Committee Members
Karen Garrett – co-chair
Steve Russell – member
Colin Packham – member
Claudette Pavan – alternate
Heather Follis – alternate

Mandate for the Joint Job Evaluation Committee
The JJEC shall implement and maintain the job evaluation program by:

  • evaluating all the jobs using the job evaluation plan;
  • maintaining the integrity of the program; and,
  • recommending changes to the job evaluation plan, its procedures or methods, as may be deemed necessary from time-to-time, to the parties.

Terms of Reference

Maintenance Schedule

Initiating A Review